Express Produce

About Us

The Express Produce company was started October 1st, 2000, with a primary focus on the foodservice industry.  The principals, managers, customer service representatives, warehouse and delivery employees are dedicated to our customers.

  • Rick Kiesow (Principal) ---25 years in the produce industry and an additional 16 years in the perishable commodity business.  Rick's primary focus is on corporate, schools and government accounts.                                                                   
  • Kurt Jensen (Buyer)---22 years in the produce industry and is responsible for the purchasing of all produce commodities.  Kurt has a good knowledge of the market conditions and maintains a high standard for produce quality, proper food safety and cold chain responsibilites.
  • Gary Johnson (DSR)---25 years in the produce industry and spends every day on the street attending to our customers needs.  Gary will be available anytime to discuss your immediate and long term produce concerns.
  • Maggie Martin (Customer Service)---22 years in the produce industry and is responsible for order entry and day to day customer service.  Maggie maintains close contact with all our customers and provides friendly service, advice and daily support to our clients.
  • Driver/Warehouse--- Paul, Nate, Mark, and Jack have a combined 30 years in the handling and delivering of fresh produce.  From picking, staging and delivering orders - our guys get the job done!
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